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Why you should get the treatments from Klinik Bahasa?

Creativity in BAHASA is our greatest strength. While all other BAHASA teachers and tuition centres spot questions, we SPOT ANSWERS. We provide the students with exactly what they need to know to handle any kind or topic of essays. There is no point in telling the students that a certain topic is coming out (99% of the time it does not come out!). We empower them with the necessary skills (WORDS, IDEAS, CONCEPTS, KNOWLEDGE & STYLE) to handle any questions. We don't play the game of 'soalan ramalan' or 'soalan bocor.' - My students always to say ... Cikgu Suguz meramal JAWAPAN, bukan meramal SOALAN !

When can I join this?

You need one to two months to finish reading the e-MODULES and watch all the related videos. You need time to go through the MODULES ! So, join now and get a discount.ed price at RM250. After 1 Sept, 2014, the price will be RM400.

Can we guarantee the results?

No one can actually guarantee anybody's results. We chose not to play the money back guarantee game. We focus on helping the students with their exact needs. We usually come at the time when everybody else has given up on them.

Who should get the ‘treatment’?

We have categorized students into 3 main groups - those who want to PASS BM, those who want to score strong CREDIT and those who are aspiring for A+. Some may be weak in WORDS, IDEAS, CONCEPTS, KNOWLEDGE, STYLE and GRAMMAR. That's exactly what we provide ! All 3 groups can benefit from the modules and videos. You may read the modules and watch the videos as many times as you need to fully understand.

Who runs the Klinik Bahasa?

A team of BAHASA examination experts run this Klinik Bahasa. They have more than 20 years of experience in teaching BAHASA. They have created unique ways to solve some of the most critical problems faced by our students.

What is Klinik Bahasa?

Klinik Bahasa is probably the only clinic in Malaysia that treats students with problems in Bahasa Malaysia (BM SPM). We provide necessary inputs before students sit for their final exam. The inputs are in the form of MODULES and VIDEOS created by a team of expert BAHASA tutors led by Cikgu Suguz, probaly the most creative BAHASA coach in Malaysia.